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23.990 Ft
Vonalkód: 6971522810467
Szállítási díj: 2.100 Ft
Várható szállítás: 2024. április 17.


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Szín Arany

Angol nyelvű leírás

User manual
thank you very uch for choosing out product, please read this user manual carefully before using the product.

This product has a built-in 3500 mAh high rate lithium battery, and a bar-shaped heating atomizer. Heating component can be disassembled and charged. Detailed description of the function is as following.


1. Power On/Off
Press power button 3 times in 2 seconds to power ON/OFF. In the state of the power on, it will turn off automatically after 10 minutes without any operaton.

2. OLED introduction

3. Smoking temperature can be adjusted by pressing the "+&-" key.
Each time +5 C or -5 C, temperature range is 250-390 C.
4. Menu setting
Press the "+&-" button at the same time for 3 seconds to enter the menu.
From left to right are Cleaning function, Smoking time setting, Smoking amounts reset and Preheating time selection. Press "+/-" to choose a function, and press power button to enter the function.
4.1 Chose the function, ad press the power button, if need to remove smoke odors? YES choes Y, NO chose N. Please choose Y and press the power button. If choose N and press the power buttton to return to the main interface.
REMOVE? YES choose Y, NO chooes N. Choose Y and press the power button, than enter into the next level menu. Choose N and press ok to reurn to the main interface.

Removing smoke odors time: 30s, the countdown display in the lower left corner of the display screen is convenient for users to view..

4.2 Press "+&-" to choose a time and press the power button to set, or wait 10s, it will set automatically. Time adjustable range is 180-300s,fefault 210s, and adjust unit is 5s.

4.3. Press the "+/-" to choose "Y/N". Choose "Y" and press power button to reset the moking amount. Choose "N" and press power button, it will return to the main interface.

4.4. Preheating time selection
There are 4 gears of preheating time. Customers can choose any gear according to the smoking habit.
1. The product default gear of preheating time is 0 gear.
1. The product default gear of preheating time is 0 gear.
2. Gears: 0 gear is 5-7 second, 1 gear is 7-10 sexond, 2 gear is 10-15 second, 3 gear is 15-20 seconds
(Note: The preheating time is based on the first use at a temperature of 250 C)

4.5. When the number of smoking amounts is a multiple of 5, this interface will automatically show.

4.6. If there is no setting operation after 15s, it will exit and return to the standby automatically.

5. How to smoke
5.1 Choose cartridge and put it in
5.2. Select the temperature (You can't adjust the temperature when it is heating).
5.3. Keep pressing the power button (about 3 seconds) until the product vibrates and then release the button, the product will start heating. When it vibrates again, it means that the heating is completed and you can start smoking. Smoking time: 180-300 seconds (The countdown displays is the lower left corner of the OLED) There will be one more vibration after smoking finished.
5.4. If you want to smoke again, please replace a cartridge and start again.

6. Methods of replacing cartridges, and put a new one in.
6.1. Rotate left and right to take out the cartridge, and put a new one it.
6.2. Pull out the upper cover, the cover and the cartridge are pulled out at the same time, take out the old cartridge and replace it with a new one.


Charge: After shutdown, please use an adaptor and connect to the charging cable to charge the product. When charging finish, the battery display is full.


Model: Pluscig S9
Color: Arany
Material: Aluminium alloy +PEEK
Input Voltage: 5V
Output Voltage: 3,7V
Battery Capacity: 3500 mAh
Working: Insert cartridge, heating with low temperature
Heating Time: The default time is 210s. The adjustable range is 180-300 seconds
Charge: Type-C (Plase choose an adaptor for charging)
Protection: Low voltage protection; overcharging protection; short circuit protection
Heating Rod: Heating rod works with constant temperature


Abnormal Condiction - Solution
The screen shows OPEN - If the wire is not well welted or broken, please contact the after-sale service.
The screen shows SHORT - Short circuit, please contact the after - sale service.
The button does not repond after starting up - Please check whether there is a connected charging device. If so, please remove it.
There is no charge in battery state when charging - Please check whether the adapter or charging cable is connected.
No smoke or smoke less - Please check whether the battery has electricity or low power, and charge it in time.
Cartridge cannot be inserted - Check for cartridges residue left in the smoke tank.
After smoking, the tar seeps into the cigarette paper - Clean the tar in time to avoid damaging the battery insde the product.


1. Please don't dismantle the product, or it won't be in the warranty.
2. Do not throw the product, man-made damage is not in the warranty scope.
3. The product does not have waterproof function; Water intake is not warranty.
4. Please choose a adapter with safly regulation to charge the product, and the charging voltage DC cannot exceed 5.5V.
5. When charging the product, please stay away from the high temperature environment or ignition source.
6. During heating and smoking, please do not remove the assit cover to prevent scalding.
7. Please charge the product in time when low battery.
8. Do not use the product during charging.
9. The product is suitable for adults, please sta away from children, pregnant women, atients and pets.
10. Nicotine - containing tabacco or pod are not available.

1xPluscig S9; 1xCleaning Swab; 1xType-C Cable; 1xOil separator pad; 1x User Manual; 1xQC Card; 1xPacking Box; 1xCleaning Brush